DoubleU Casino Review: Bonuses And Promotions

Among the vast array of free and social casinos, accessible through mobile applications or on social networks, such as Facebook, in 2017/2018, we would like to present the creation of the DoubleU Casino. Offering many free chips to all new members, as well as access to a wide variety of slot machines, table games and other applications related to the casino world, DoubleU allows you to unlock fictitious tokens and derivative products through coupon codes as a bonus. But what resides above all around this brand is the pleasure of the game, without end and limits, and of having a good moment of relaxation with your friends,r during your daily journeys.

Bonuses And Promotions

A little free trip in the streets of Las Vegas tempts you? DoubleU Casino opens its doors to you on Facebook and via mobile applications to enjoy several hundred free games. As soon as you register, your account will be credited with nearly 1M free chips, and by creating your new avatar, you will roam the casinos of Sin City at night, as if you were there, and you will play endlessly at the many slot machines and other applications provided by the DoubleU Casino brand. By enjoying this 2017/2018 universe on the social network Facebook, promotions will be regularly suggested to you, and through the codes provided with these promotions, you will unlock bonus tokens as well as surprise prizes issued by DoubleU and all the partners of the social casino.

Beyond this exceptional welcome bonus, as well as codes affiliated with promotions from DoubleU Casino, you will find that you will be able to enjoy free chips by creating a new premium account. By wishing to acquire fictitious tokens on the platform or the mobile application, you will distinguish several tabs, including the “High Roller” category. It is in this section that you will have access to 4 statuses and as many premium boosters, each one being valid for a short or medium term, and whose advantages of the casino will be very variable on the DoubleU brand. But in all the acquisition packs of these new free chips, where no promo code will be requested to unlock the bonuses, you will distinguish a wheel of fortune accessible every day, offering its share of surprises, as well as a mini-game served every week, and where you will have to choose two cards out of 4, these are accompanied by a sum of virtual tokens, and the accumulation of winnings will be automatically credited to your DoubleU account.

On a daily basis, you will appreciate the no deposit bonuses to be discovered on the casino’s Facebook support or the promo codes published in specialized magazines, which will refer to DoubleU slot machines. There is also a VIP program, a sponsorship program, where you can exchange free chips with your friends, as well as items during your adventure that will be unearthed to obtain the corresponding bonus.

Software And Mobile Compatibilities

The interest of these brand new mobile casinos like DoubleU where you will only play via free chips and whose coupon codes linked to bonuses are daily, is to find this friendly atmosphere and this convivial atmosphere that makes the success of land-based casinos while being able to stay comfortably at home, the flagship of online casinos. And by this 2017/2018 availability on social networks like Facebook, or even via mobile applications, whether Androids, iPhone, or any other smartphone and tablet, you will appreciate this combination of free and easy access. Everything is there for you to have the best moments in this world of Las Vegas recreated from scratch by the teams of the DoubleU social casino, and the adaptation to a computer or mobile will be very easy. HTML5 technology is essential for this mobile transition via a web browser if you only play from social networks at this DoubleU online casino. But by configuring external applications to download, you will especially notice a real speed of execution of the movements of your avatar in the universe, as well as the loading of all the casino games which you will access by the credits offered from the bonus of welcome, or even with new deposits and any coupon codes that you will find.

Banking Services And Technical Support

To obtain all the essential information about the features of the DoubleU online casino, whether in the context of bonuses, technical support, or even banking transactions, it will be essential to go to the structure’s official web page. Via the “How To Play” tab, you will obtain complete details of the entire game menu, its use, as well as all the sub-categories that will be available to you. To purchase free chips, you will have to enter a transaction method that will satisfy you and which will also be appreciated by the support of the DoubleU Casino. Credit cards and prepaid cards will be commonplace, while in the category of electronic wallets, Neteller and Skrill are common, as in online casinos. Of course, no withdrawals will be possible, since again, this free casino is not about making you money. On the other hand, for the purchase of derivative products in the heart of the store, you will receive your package on time, depending on your geographical area, and the affiliation with Amazon greatly helps in this regard.

From an assistance point of view, you will have the privilege of benefiting from the large community that reigns on Facebook around DoubleU, in addition to the bonuses offered there, as well as any promotions issued. Each of the players can appeal to the community for a request. On the company’s website, you will also find an FAQ to answer the most general questions. Please note, this section is slightly “hidden” by the orange “Play Now” button. There is also a possible contact with the technical operators, by mails interposed with the casino, so that you can communicate an inconvenience or obtain an advantage or code linked to a promo and a bonus that you desire. However, interactions can only be done in English, and returns will be sent within 48 hours.

License, Security And Protection Of Players

This establishment does not offer any real money winnings and completely free casino entertainment, so DoubleU does not need to present a conventional license, as it may be the case in any other online casino. On the other hand, the South Korean company must be registered in the trade registers of its country, and it is indeed the case. As far as the protection of player data is concerned, an SSL-type security protocol allows you to carry out banking transactions without any risk. On the other hand, it is important to always keep in mind that this type of free online platform, such as DoubleU, offering so many bonuses, free chips, as well as new codes, can only exist by sharing your personal data. Mobile or Facebook, to business partners. Thus, spam and fishing will be commonplace, and you risk advertising pollution unless you manage to configure the parameters in line with your preferences, and above all, if you subscribe to a premium program that can get rid of them. 

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