Big Fish Online Casino Bonuses 2021

In the digital world, you will find many names of game providers, but very few of them are as skilled and professional as Big Fish Games. This American company has succeeded over the years in establishing itself as one of the benchmarks in producing and distributing online games, both in terms of quality and quantity. We invite you to discover the career of this prestigious player in the entertainment video industry. Let’s find out more about Big Fish Online Casino.

A Little History of Big Fish Games

Big Fish Games has been operating since May 2002 and was created by Paul Thelen, who previously was the Product Manager of the RealNetworks group. The company is based in Seattle (USA) but has subsidiary offices in Luxembourg and Oakland. If this publisher is now considered a juggernaut in the entertainment video industry, it is undoubtedly because it has its own game development studio and constantly launches several titles each year (between 12 and 15). Better still, it adopts a very well-perceived openness policy, as it offers games designed by other publishers.

Bonuses and Promotions

Just by registering an account, each new player receives a welcome bonus of 100,000 chips. This is more than enough to try out the games without having to worry about running out of funds anytime soon. New users then spin the wheel to collect a random bonus, and there’s also a bonus offer that generates 2,000 chips every 31 minutes.

Every bet you make grants additional experience, with higher levels meaning bigger and more regular bonuses along with more games and higher betting limits. Many bonuses can be earned when playing different games. A waiter can pop up randomly and offer free chips on the house, for example.

There is also a Reward Center where players can use tickets to buy games and add them to their collection. This can also be done with special Big Fish Casino bonus codes, which lower the price for any game and are sent by email. The casino boasts that they award 16 billion chips daily, so it looks like winning might be on the cards.

Big Fish Games Games and Products

Since its inception to date, Big Fish Games has produced and distributed 2.5 billion titles in 150 countries around the world, proving once again how remarkable and highly regarded its productions are. The real asset of this company lies in its collection, which brings together entertainment options of all kinds, namely: Arcade and Action, Adventure, Strategy, Mahjong, Brain Teaser, Puzzle and Riddles, Cards and Boards, Words, etc.

In a jumbled fashion, we can cite productions like Mahjong Carnaval 2, Ocean Mahjong, Dorian Gray Syndrome, Fairway Solitaire HD, Mystery Case File: Huntsville, Return to the Mysterious Island, Spellarium, etc. Just click on the section corresponding to each of these categories on the provider’s site to find the type of game option that suits you.

Casino games are also part of the catalog offered by Big Fish Games, which is good news for fans of the genre. They will therefore be able to have fun and enjoy free of charge the various options available such as roulette, blackjack, bingo, poker, and slot machines.

Provider’s Game Access Modes

Offering quality games to fans of the genre is one thing, but being able to provide them with high-performance systems and tools to be able to enjoy them properly is quite another reality. In fact, Big Fish Games has got it right in orienting its policy in this direction, insofar as it allows access to its productions on Android, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and in the downloadable versions.

Better Prices to Enjoy the Games

Big Fish Games productions are accessible to all types of players, regardless of their budget. First, the company gives you a -70% discount on the very first game you buy. Then, when you opt for the Standard versions of its titles, you will simply have to pay a rather insignificant amount of 2.99 € against 5.99 € for the Collector’s Editions. These prizes are in a way considered to be bonuses that this provider applies on these games to allow everyone.

However, keep in mind that you must log in to the Big Fish Games platform and enter the codes NEW and NEW99 respectively to be eligible to take advantage of these packages.

What’s New in Big Fish Games?

If you want to be constantly up to date with Big Fish Games news and exclusives, you can do so in real-time through popular social networks like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Also, intending to improve the quality of its services and its productions, since September 2006, the company has set up a social network that allows subscribers to express their opinions on games through a forum and a survey.

What We Take Away from Big Fish Games?

Big Fish Games offers one of the largest catalogs of games in the entertainment video industry, making it a major player in the field. This publisher also allows players to purchase its productions at unique prices and access them in the format that suits them. In view of all these aspects, we recommend it without hesitation and now invite you to opt for its titles, no matter whether you are a fan of casino titles or others.

You will find great casinos on our site that offer Big Fish Games. Enjoy and have fun!

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